College of Engineering

Computer Science Minor

The Computer Science Minor program is designed to meet the growing demand for professionals with computing knowledge and skills. This program provides the training needed to apply computer science knowledge, techniques and tools to produce computing-based solutions.

Computer Science Minor Course Requirements:
Computer Science Minor Prerequisites: MATH 131 with C- or better; and COMP180 or MATH 123 or ECEN 227.  The Computer Science Minor requires six 3-credit courses: four required course and 2 elective courses.

• Required courses:
  • COMP 163 Introduction to Computer Programming
  • COMP 167 Computer Program Design (Prerequisite: COMP 163)
  • COMP 280 Data Structures (Prerequisite: COMP167 and (MATH 123 or COMP 180 or ECEN 227)
  • COMP 285 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Prerequisite: COMP 280, MATH 131)
• Two Elective courses (any 200, 300, or 400 level 3-credit hour computer science courses)
The list of currently offered courses to choose from include:
COMP 267. Database Design (Prerequisite: COMP 280)
COMP 320. Fundamentals of Information Assurance (Prerequisite: COMP 280)
COMP 322. Internet Systems (Prerequisite: COMP 280)
COMP 340. Game Intelligence (Prerequisite: COMP 280)
COMP 350. Operating Systems (Prerequisite: COMP 280)
COMP 360. Programming Languages (Prerequisite: COMP 280)
COMP 361. Data Analytics in Python (Prerequisite: COMP 280)
COMP 365. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Prerequisite: COMP 285)
COMP 375/ECEN 375. Computer Architecture and Organization
(Prerequisites: COMP280 or ECEN327 (F;S)
COMP 385. Theory of Computing (Prerequisites: COMP 360)
COMP 390. Social Implications of Computing
COMP 410. Software Engineering (Prerequisite: COMP285)
COMP 420. Applied Network Security (Prerequisite: COMP280)
COMP 440. Game Design (Prerequisite: COMP285)
COMP 452. Network Science (Prerequisite: COMP285)
COMP 476. Networked Computer Systems: (Prerequisites: COMP 280 or ECEN327)
COMP 485. Special Topics in Computer Science
COMP 496. Senior Project II (Prerequisite: COMP410)

The elective courses can also be from approved electives offered in other Departments such as:
MATH 360 Numerical Analysis (Formerly MATH460) (Prerequisites: MATH 231, MATH 240, MATH 350.)
MATH 365 Introduction to Data Science (Formerly MATH465) (Prerequisites: STAT 214 or MATH 224)
CST 340 Introduction to Mainframe Operations (Prerequisites: CST 140)

Applying to the Minor Program:
Students who have completed a minimum of 24 semester hours with a minimum GPA of 2.5 may elect to declare the minor. The declaration or change of a minor must be completed in the Office of the Registrar.  Students should have taken MATH131 with a grade of C- or better, and have taken COMP180 or MATH 123 or ECEN 227).
Earning the Minor:
• Earn at least a C grade in each of the required courses (COMP 163, COMP 167, COMP 280, COMP 285)
• Have a GPA 2.0 and above for all the courses towards the Computer Science Minor.