College of Engineering

Research Centers and Programs

CASIS– Center for Academic Studies in Identity Sciences

Seeks to provide the intelligence community with a pool of talented researchers in biometrics and provide a wide variety of innovative solutions to critical identity security issues. It is also focused on boosting the number of African American Ph.D. and master’s students working in the biometrics area.  The center promotes research and education on identities and behaviors as they relate to cyber, cyber-human, and cyber-physical systems.

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The Center for Cyber Defense

The Center for Cyber Defense at North Carolina A&T State University is a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education designated by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. As the University’s Information Assurance Center, the Center for Cyber Defense impacts all facets of the University through its research and the solutions developed by the center. The interdisciplinary research activities performed at the center provide a vehicle for the university as a whole to remain on the cutting edge of Information Assurance Education, Research, and Technology.

The objectives of the Center for Cyber Defense are: 1) to provide innovative education and training programs that prepare students to become professionals and leaders in Information Assurance; 2) to become one of the leading academic institution for research in information assurance; and 3) to serve the University and the community with leadership and distinction.

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CSCL - Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Lab

The CSCL lab supports research and development of the COMPS Computer-Mediated Problem-Solving project. COMPS is a web-delivered chat program for students to work together, applying group cognition and creative interdependence for students to explore and learn conceptual knowledge. COMPS exercises are highly interactive, students are typing and responding to each other simultaneously. COMPS research areas include: assessment of dialogue, linguistic phenomena, CS education, and natural language processing.

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CIB - Cyber Identity and Biometrics Lab

The main goal of the Cyber Identity and Biometrics (CIB) lab, led by Dr. Kaushik Roy, is to promote advanced and interdisciplinary research on cyber identity, biometrics, authentication, authorization, cybersecurity, machine learning, and data science. This lab has a biometric testbed, funded by ARO, to support NCAT’s biometric and cyber identity research and education.

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SUSMaN - Secure and Usable Social Media & Networks Lab

SUSMaN lab conducts research in areas of security and usability of social web.

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