College of Engineering


Civil Infrastructure

The Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) department at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University offers fundamental and advanced research opportunities in the area of Civil Infrastructure. The research focuses on the area of transportation engineering, soil/foundation engineering, construction materials, and structural engineering. Specific focuses are on the study of highway design, pavement fracture and preservation, behavior of unsaturated soils, geotechnical aspects of waste disposal, foundation engineering, strength evaluation and rehabilitation techniques of existing structures, durability of construction materials, analytical and numerical modeling of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures, and others.

Energy and Building

Energy and Building research division of the CAAE department at the N.C. A&T offers a wide variety of fundamental and applied research opportunities in the area of building energy and design that includes but is not limited to building energy efficiency for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), indoor air quality, HVAC optimal control, intelligent approaches in heating and mass transfer in buildings, and design green buildings.

Environmental and Water Resources

The CAAE department at the North Carolina A&T offers fundamental and advanced research opportunities in the area of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering. Research related to environmental engineering focuses in the area of water and wastewater treatments, green engineering and sustainability, and water recycling and water reuse. Water resources engineering focuses on the use of GIS and GPS tools and techniques for watershed delineation, hydrologic modeling, water quality analysis of lake, streams and reservoirs; surface and subsurface water quality monitoring and modeling, erosion and sedimentation, land use change and climate change impacts on watershed hydrology and water quality, and others.