University Transportation Centers

The Transportation Institute and other departments are involved in a number of University Transportation Centers (UTCs) across the country. These Department of Transportation-funded efforts award grants to consortia of colleges and universities across the United States to conduct research, workforce development, technology transfer, and education around a specific topic. 

Under the newest round of grants, funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, NC A&T teams are working on four UTCs:

Regional UTC

cr2c2 logo

Center for Regional and Rural Connected Communities
Lead Institution: North Carolina A&T State University
Director: Dr. Ali Karimoddini

Tier 1 Centers 

c2Smarter Logo

Connected Communities for Smart Mobility Toward Accessible and Resilient Transportation for Equitably Reducing Congestion
Lead Institution: New York University
Director: Dr. Kaan Ozbay

Carmen+ Logo

Center for Automated Vehicle Research with Multimodal Assured Navigation (CARMEN+)
Lead Institution: Ohio State University
Director: Dr. Zak Kassas


Center for Freight Transportation for Efficient and Resilient Supply Chain
Lead Institution: University of Tennessee Knoxville
Director: Dr. Mingzhou Jin

Former Centers


Center for Advanced Transportation Mobility
Lead Institution: North Carolina A&T State University
Director: Dr. Maranda McBride