Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics

BS Management - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Department of Management offers a degree program leading to a BS in Management with a Concentration in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. This concentration serves management majors who are interested in an entrepreneurial career, either starting their own for-profit or non-profit ventures or pursuing traditional jobs with large organizations that involve creating new products and services or initiating expansion of the business into new markets. Courses include: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Entrepreneurial Consulting, and New Venture Creation.

The BS in Management with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship provides students with the skills necessary to think creatively, to successfully launch their own businesses, and/or to support an employer in launching and growing an entrepreneurship venture.

  • Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneurial manager or an entrepreneurial employee who helps companies develop new products and expand into new markets?
  • Have you thought about starting a business, purchasing an existing business, buying a franchise, joining a family business, being an independent agent, or becoming a distributor? If so, Entrepreneurship is for you.

CLICK HERE for information on a Minor in Management (Entrepreneurship).


New Venture Lab

The E-Lab (MGMT 475) focuses on the development and potential launch of new businesses. Students selected for the E-Lab are expected to launch their ventures during or upon completion of the course. Through the E-Lab, students will be matched with mentors who will provide hands-on training, mentors will work with students, individually and in teams, to refine their business opportunities and to develop effective presentations, ready to ask funding and begin operation.

Student Development

Through the Aggie Student Entrepreneurship Club (ASEC), entrepreneurship students have the opportunity to learn and practice entrepreneurship through education, networking, and launching new ventures. The objectives of the club are to:
a. Serve as a forum for students to network and learn about starting and growing their business.
b. Connect students to local and alumni entrepreneurs.
c. Provide educational and other support to students interested in the entrepreneurship.

Career Opportunities

The Concentration in Entrepreneurship adds value to the students' degree and makes them more marketable in the job environment. Today, companies are looking for the entrepreneurial-minded students who can exceed targets, services or processes in the company. Students also have the foundation for becoming an entrepreneur either by starting their own for-profit or non-profit venture, joining their family businesses, or purchasing a franchise.

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