John R. and Kathy R. Hairston College of Health and Human Sciences

Post-Master's Transformative Nursing Leadership

son-munoz-ali.jpgThe Post-Master’s Transformative Nursing Leadership (TNL) program comprises 36 semester-hour credits. This curriculum extends leadership competencies from the master’s level to equip nurse leaders with the knowledge necessary to navigate complex healthcare systems. This includes assessing published evidence, transforming practice, improving care systems, and enhancing the quality of care through evidence-based changes.  
Students in the TNL program engage in collaborative work with healthcare executives and inter-professional teams across various settings, such as health departments, clinics, schools, professional organizations, acute-care facilities, and long-term care organizations. To fulfill DNP competencies, a minimum of 1,000 clinical hours (including 500 direct patient hours transferred from the MSN program, 300 supervised direct patient hours from the DNP program, and 200 indirect clinical hours from the DNP program), and completion of a DNP quality improvement project are required. The required clinical hours will vary and are determined based on the clinical hours completed in the student’s MSN program. 
Students must hold an active registered nurse licensure in North Carolina (or a compact state). Clinical hours are typically fulfilled at the student’s place of employment. Additionally, the students can complete an optional specialty concentration from the following two options: Emerging Technological Innovations, or Health Equity and Social Justice.