John R. and Kathy R. Hairston College of Health and Human Sciences

Speech Communication

Students pursuing a degree in speech communication must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of University courses. Included in the 120 semester hours are 48 semester hours of speech courses.

A minimal 2.5 grade point average overall and a minimal 2.7 grade point average in the course of study is required. A student must repeat any course within the major in which a grade of “D” or lower was achieved and receive a grade of “C” or better only once.

Minor in Speech Communication Studies

Earning a minor in Speech Communication increases a student’s knowledge of how, why and with what costs people communicate. Understanding how communication shapes societies and cultures adds value to anyone in any career field.

A minor in Speech Communication Studies requires 18 credit hours.

The Speech Communication Curriculum Guide is available here: Speech Communication Curriculum Guide pdf.

Freshman Year - First Semester

First 100 College Success (SS)

ENGL 100 Ideas and Their Expressions I (WC)

Math 101 Fundamentals of Alg & Trig I (MLAR)

FOLA xxx

BIOL 100 Biological Science and Lab (SR)

HPED xxx


Sophmore Year - First Semester

SPCH 250 Speech Fundamentals (HFA)

LIBS 202 Intro to African- Amer Studies (AA)

ENGL 226 Basic Grammar/ Mechanics Writer

SOCI 204 Social Problems

ECON 200 or ECON 201


Junior Year - First Semester

PSY 101 General Psychology

SPCH 301 or LIBS 300 Social Science Rsrch Mthds

SPCH 401 Argumentation & Debate

SOCI 304 or SOCI 308

Free Elective


Senior Year - First Semester 

SPCH 410 Ethical Issues in Communication

SPCH 453 Persuasive Communication

SPCH 498 Internship

SPCH 441 Narrative Research


Freshman Year - Second Semester 

ENGL 101 Ideas and Their Expressions (WC)

MATH 102 Fundamentals of Alg & Trig II (MLAR)

FOLA xxx

SOCI 100 Principles of Sociology

CST 101 Microcomputer Applications



Sophmore Year - Second Semester

SPCH 251 Public Speaking

HIST 2017 Modern World (GL)

MGMT 110 Bsiness Environment

POLI 200 American Government and Politics

ENVS 201 The Earth's Environment (SR)*


Junior Year - Second Semester

SPCH 316 Interpersonal Communication

SPCH 335 Rhetoric of American Thought

ENGL 331 Writing SCience & Technology

SPCH 314 Intercultural Communication

Free Elective


Senior Year - Second Semester

SPCH 402 (502) Bargaining and Negotiation

ENGL 441 Visual Rhetoric Tec/Sci Writer

SPCH 461 Small Group COmmunication

SPCH 408 Business & Professional Comm

Free Elective

Please direct additional inquiries to Dr. Deana Lacy McQuitty, Speech Program Director,
or Dr. Davi Thornton, Speech Communication Concentration,