College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

BA Liberal Studies, African American Studies

This concentration is for you if you are trying to develop a well-informed understanding of the African-American experience. One of its themes is the story of African Americans that began in Africa millennia ago and has continued in the United States over more than 400 years. A second theme is the study of cultural expressions. The third theme is the ideas and ideals, struggles and triumphs of African Americans. A fourth is the comparison with other peoples of African descent and other human societies.

A student might pursue a position in a local, state or federal agency that focuses on African-American, minority, ethnic or cultural issues. It may be in a health care, social work, or other agency that serves people of diverse backgrounds. It may be in a group that promotes "understanding" among different peoples. It could be in an organization that has a multinational or multicultural work force. In addition, a graduate with this concentration might serve as a teacher or official in a school system that includes the study of the lives of African Americans in its curriculum.

With these possibilities, one good idea is to combine the study of African Americans with the study of related areas, such as health care, social work, education, business, public policy and/or public administration. After acquiring the undergraduate B.A. degree, students could study for an M.A. degree and then a Ph.D., leading to a professorship at a college or university and conducting research on many of the still-unexplored topics on the African-American experience.

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