College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The Center of Excellence for Social Justice

The exciting new Center of Excellence for Social Justice will marshal interdisciplinary intellectual and historical resources of North Carolina A&T State University toward explorations of the past, present and future regarding race, economics, higher education, civil rights, public policy and more. Within that work, the center will always seek to answer the question, What does social justice mean in the context of the many overlapping dynamics that created the United States and continue to shape our society today?

Those explorations will take the form of education, research and community engagement at North Carolina A&T, America’s leading historically Black, doctoral, land-grant university, and in collaboration with academic leaders, writers and thought leaders at colleges and universities across the country.



“The time has indeed come when we must all face up to the facts and realize that America cannot continue its present position of leadership in world affairs with the stigma of race prejudice and discrimination on the one hand, and grin-in-the-face tactics on the other. The season is here now.”

Albert Rozier Jr.

A&T Register      
February 5, 1960

Now approved for development by the University of North Carolina System Board of Governors, The Center of Excellence in Social Justice will formally launch in Fall 2023 under the leadership of Director Jelani Favors, Ph.D., who holds the Justice Henry Frye Distinguished Professorship for North Carolina A&T.