The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Staff

The Office of Student Financial Aid is here to help, whether you need assistance on how to apply for aid or scholarships or have questions about your award. Contact us through our team members listed below.

Management Team

Travis A. Richard, Director

Jassica Harris, Associate Director

Lakisha O. Walker, Associate Director

Audrean F. Dixon, Administrative Assistant

Stephanie D. Lynch, Assistant Director of Loans

Lynnette K. Oliver, Assistant Director, Default/Financial Literacy

Tiffany S. Walls, Assistant Director, Quality Assurance and Compliance

Tariq Mahmood, Business & Technology Applications Analyst

Financial Aid Counseling Team

Deborah Lewis, Financial Aid Counselor

Michelle Alston, Financial Aid Counselor

Scholarship Team

Norma Smith, Assistant Scholarship Coordinator

Loan Services Team

Elonda M. Gibson, Loan Services Assistant

Jewell Ramage, Loan Services Assistant

Document Processing Team

Lenner Laval Williams, Customer Service Assistant

Sandy Walden, Administrative Support Specialist