What Can I Do With My N.C. A&T Major?

A degree from North Carolina A&T is a key that opens a door, and your major determines what lies beyond that entryway.

Your major could lead you to a career in an area like engineering, education, healthcare or business. As a N.C. A&T graduate, you will be well prepared to stand out in your field and make significant contributions in your area of expertise.

Your major could also lay the foundation for a more advanced degree. Earning your Bachelor of Arts or Science at N.C. A&T, for instance, may be the first step on an educational path that will take you to graduate school, law school or medical school.

N.C. A&T will give you the knowledge and skills you need to get off to a great start on your life's journey, but where that journey will take you depends on you – your passion, dedication, ability and willingness to work. 

To learn more about the educational opportunities available at N.C. A&T, explore our academic colleges and departments.