Highlighted Dates and Deadlines

Students and alumni who want to advice about externally funded extraordinary opportunities (EOs) are encouraged to schedule an introductory meeting now with Ms. Gallop, the National Scholarships and Fellowships Coordinator and Fulbright Program Adviser.  In general, you should plan to have at least one follow up advising meeting.

Applicants for EOs should allot at least four weeks (and often 12+ weeks) to prepare a strong application with guidance from Ms. Gallop and to obtain strong and detailed letters of recommendation.  Some EOs have required campus deadlines and required endorsement.

Summer 2020 virtual information sessions

Learn more about EOs with campus and national deadlines between early August 2020 and late October 2020.  Click here to register now for one or more of the below sessions in early summer; space is limited.

  • Rangel International Affairs Program (SEP and Graduate Fellowship): June 9, 5PM-6PM ET
  • Fulbright Program grant (global English teaching assistantships, research, and graduate study): June 16, 5:30PM-6:30PM ET
  • Gates Cambridge, Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Scholarships (graduate study in the UK and in Ireland): June 23, 5:30PM-6:30PM ET
  • Truman Scholarship (juniors in all disciplines who aspire to leadership in careers that serve the public good and want to attend graduate school): June 30, 5:30PM-6:30PM ET
  • Goldwater Scholarship (STEM sophomores and juniors pursuing STEM research careers): July 1, 5:30PM-6:30PM ET


DEADLINES: Summer/Fall 2020 campus (priority advising)

June 19: Interest form (click here)
June 22: Drafts for the Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Scholarships
June 29: Drafts for the Fulbright Program grant
July 13: Drafts for the Truman Scholarship
July 20: Drafts for the Goldwater Scholarship
August 25: Partial campus applications for the Truman and Goldwater Scholarships
September 8: Drafts for the Astronaut and Udall Scholarships
September 15: Drafts for the the Boren Awards and the Gaither Junior Fellows Program
October 20: Partial campus applications for the Astronaut and Udall Scholarships
October 27: Partial campus applications for the Boren Awards and the Gaither Junior Fellows Program 


DEADLINES: Summer/Fall 2020 required campus (full applications and interviews)
Endorsed EOs: all deadlines will be 5PM ET on a Tuesday unless otherwise noted.
August 4: Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Scholarships
August 14 (estimated): Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Scholarships endorsement interviews
August 18: Fulbright Program grant
August 28September 3 (estimated): Fulbright Program grant endorsement interviews
October 13: Truman Scholarship
October 23 (estimated): Truman Scholarship endorsement interviews
October 27: Goldwater Scholarship
November 10: Boren Awards (Scholarship and Fellowship)
November 10: Gaither Junior Fellows Program
November 13 (estimated): Goldwater Scholarship endorsement interviews
November 20 (estimated): Boren Awards endorsement interviews
November 20 (estimated): Gaither Junior Fellows Program endorsement interviews
December 1: Astronaut Scholarship
December 1: Udall Scholarship
December 15 (estimated): Astronaut Scholarship endorsement interviews
December 15 (estimated): Udall Scholarship endorsement interviews


Click here to see highlighted fall 2019 campus and national deadlines.
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