PhD & Faculty Research Rooms

PhD and Faculty Research Rooms provide a quiet environment for PhD students and faculty to pursue research and writing.

University of North Carolina A&T State University PhD students and Faculty with a valid NCAT ID can request a room for the fall and spring semester.

Request room access by completing the Online Request Form.

You will be notified via email when your request is completed, generally within 48 hours, Monday-Friday. Requests are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Occupants are prohibited from sharing rooms or the room keys
  • D. Bluford rules must be adhered to while occupying the study rooms Library Rules
  • All books and materials must be properly checked-out before entering a research room or returned to the book drop when leaving
  • There will be a $40.00 charge for any lost keys or for failing to return key at end of the semester
  • The library is not responsible for items kept in the room
  • Please maintain a quiet atmosphere and refrain from using loud devices
  • No furniture is to be moved in or out of the study room
  • No appliances of any kind are allowed in the rooms i.e., microwave, mini-fridge, coffee pot, space heater, etc.
  • Food & drinks are PROHIBITED in all rooms, with the exception of beverages with lids. Occupants may eat in the designated Aggie Food Zone located on the 1st floor

Research Rooms are periodically inspected and are subject to inspection at any time. Violations of the above guidelines may result in forfeiture of the room.


For questions regarding PhD and Faculty Research Rooms please contact the Library Administration office at 336.285.4151 or email  Research Study Rooms.