Huan Li

Assistant Professor

Huan Li
College of Business & Economics


Merrick Hall 116
B.S.Finance / Xi''an University of Technology
MAAccounting / North China Electric Power University
MAEconomics / State University of New York at Binghamton
Ph.D.Economics / State University of New York at Binghamton


Dr. Li's research is in environmental economics, with special focuses on air quality, environmental policy effectiveness, and environmental justice. Her recent work focuses on air pollution from unconventional shale gas development, coal-fired power plants polluting behavior in response to changes in regulatory stringency, and the environmental injustice of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Her research mainly relies on causal inference models using administrative data, secondary data, and satellite-retrieved data.

Research Interests

Environmental Economics and Justice, Health Economics, Racial Inequality, Agricultural Business

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Recent Publications

  • Neha Khanna, Huan LI (2018). (Does Voluntary Self-Regulation Provide Regulatory Relief? A Lesson from the Responsible Care Program in the United States). (1) 61, pp. 63-96 ). Journal of Law & Economics.
  • Neha Khanna, Huan LI (2018). (The Effects of Third Party Certification on Voluntary Self-regulation of Accidents in the US Chemical Industry). (3) 53, pp. 327-356 ). Journal of Regulatory Economics .
  • Carmen Carrion-Flores, Huan LI (2017). (An Analysis of the ENERGY STAR Program in Alachua County, Florida). 131, pp. 98-108 ). Ecological Economics.