Smriti Shrestha

Senior Lecturer

Smriti Shrestha
College of Health & Human Sciences

School of Nursing

Rm # 216
M.S.Statistics / Kansas State University
M.S.Statistics / Tribhuvan University
MAPopulation studies / Tribhuvan University
B.S.Physical Group / Tribhuvan University


Ms. Shrestha has been involved in teaching, program evaluation and assessment of student learning outcomes for more than ten years at the North Carolina A & T State University. She is the co-chair of the School of Nursing Program Evaluation Committee. She is also a program evaluator for the HRSA SDS federal grant award that the School of Nursing received in June 2020. She has several years of research collaboration experience with medical researchers and statistical professionals while working as a Senior Research Associate in the Bone and Mineral Unit at the Oregon Health and Science University. She has also collaborated with several faculty members at the North Carolina A&T State University.

Research Interests

Student Success
Assessment and Evaluation
Health Disparities

Recent Publications

  • Saubhagya Silwal, Rebecca Thomas, Smriti Shrestha (2023). (Ecosystem Service Concept as a Rationale for Urban Green Space Conservation- A Systematic Review Report). (3) 4, pp. 300-319. International Journal of Scientific Advances.
  • Anna Lee, Jeannette Wade, Stephanie Teixeira Poit, Dextiny McCain, Christopher Doss, Smriti Shrestha, Adrienne Morgan (2022). (Contextualizing the racial gradient in covid-19 outcomes: Narratives from HBCU students). pp. 9. Journal of American College Health .
  • Jeannette Wade, Stephanie Teixeira Poit, Anna Lee, Sally Ryman, Dextiny McCain, Christopher Doss, Smriti Shrestha, Adrienne Aiken Morgan (2022). (Navigating a Pandemic: A Qualitative Study of Knowledge, Sources of Information, and Covid-19 Related Precautions Taken by HBCU Students). Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Dispariies.
  • Cindy Bacon, Smriti Shrestha, Marjorie Jenkins (2019). (Nurses' participation in clinical and administrative decisions in different types of hospital units). (The Journal of Nursing Administration) (3) 49, pp. 163-170. Journal of Nursing Administration.
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