Dana Lynn Carthron

Associate Professor

Dana Lynn Carthron
College of Health & Human Sciences

School of Nursing

Noble Hall 104
MSNAdult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner / University of Michigan
Ph.D.Nursing Science / University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Recent Publications

  • Katrina Ellis, Dana Carthron, C Cuthbertson (2021). (A Longitudinal Observational Study of Multimorbidity and Partner Support for Physical Activity Among People with Osteoarthritis).
  • Dana Carthron, Katrina Ellis, C Cuthbertson, S Rimmler, N Gottferdson, Giselle Corbie-Smith (2021). (Multimorbidity Influences Support for Physical Activity among Adults with Osteoarthritis and Their Partners).
  • Dana Carthron, Williams McCoullough , S Chatterjee, Kent Key, Kelsey Lemke, D. Gordon, G Piatt, Harold Neighbors (2021). (Self-Management of Diabetes in Black Men: The Flint MANUP Intervention Study).
  • Katrina Ellis, H Hecht, Tiffany Young, S Oh, S Thomas, Giselle Corbie-Smith, Z Ali, R Olawale, Dana Carthron (2020). (Chronic Disease Among African American Families: A Systematic Scoping Review.).
  • Tiffany Young, M Janke, Dana Carthron, C Sharpe (2019). (Evaluating the Feasibility of a Community Intergenerational Physical Activity Intervention for Kinship Families: Professional Stakeholders’ Perspectives. ).
  • K Ellis, Giselle Corbie-Smith, Dana Carthron, Matthew McFarland, M Simms, S Davis, G Dave, Giselle Corbie-Smith, Crystal Cene (2019). (Perceptions of Rural African American Adults About the Role of Family in Understanding and Addressing Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease.).
  • S Soto, L Callahan, S Bahorski, M Altpeter, Derek Hales, A Phillips, Dana Carthron, Christine Rini (2019). (The role of cohabiting partner and relationship characteristics on physical activity among individuals with osteoarthritis.).
  • Dana Carthron, A Phillips, C Cuthbertson, Katrina Ellis, M Alpeter, L Callahan, S Bahoorski, Chrisitine Rini (2018). (Four methods of recruiting couples into a longitudinal study of physical activity in people with osteoarthritis: recruitment, retention, and lessons.).
  • Crystal Cene, Beth Haymore, J Laux, , Dana Carthron, L Lin, D Roter, L Cooper, P Chang, P Jensen, P Miller, Giselle Corbie-Smith (2017). (Family presence and participation during medical visits of heart failure patients: an analysis of survey and audiotaped communication data.).
  • T Pressley, G Simpson, Dana Carthron, K Stanbury (2017). (Social support and survival strategies of older African American grandmother caregivers).
  • Dana Carthron, Cheryl Woods-Giscombe, N Robinson, M Devane-Johnson, Giselle Corbie-Smith (2016). (Superwoman schema, stigma, spirituality and culturally sensitive providers: factors influencing mental health service utilization in African-American women.).
  • Dana Carthron, Maria Stump (2016). (The diabetic health of African-American grandmothers raising their grandchildren. ).
  • Dana Carthron, Donald Bailey, Ruth Anderson (2015). (Adaptive challenges rising from the life context of African-American caregiving grandmothers with diabetes: A pilot study.).
  • Tiarney Ritchwood, Gaurav Dave, Dana Carthron, M Roman-Isler, C Blumenthal, A Akers (2015). (Adolescents and parental caregivers as lay health advisors in a community-based intervention for HIV prevention: Baseline data from Teach One Reach One. ).
  • Tiarney Ritchwood, A Akers, T Albritton, Gaurav Dave, Dana Carthron, Giselle Corbie-Smith (2015). (The effect Teach One Reach One (TORO) youth impact of the TORO intervention on youth acceptance of couple violence.).
  • Tiarney Ritchwood, Dana Carthron, J DeCoster (2015). (The Impact of Perceived Teacher and Parental Pressure, and Study Skills on Adolescents’ Reports of Test Anxiety. ).
  • Dana Carthron, Tiarney Ritchwood (2015). (When race isn’t enough: recruitment of African-American grandmothers for healthcare research in a rural Arkansas community.).
  • Cecil Holland, Dana Carthron, Vanessa Duren-Winfield, Wanda Lawrence (2014). (An experiential cardiovascular health education program for African-American college students. ).
  • Dana Carthron, Donald Bailey, Ruth Anderson (2014). (The “invisible caregiver”: multicaregiving among diabetic African-American grandmothers.).
  • J Bellot, M O'Connor, Dana Carthron, K Rose, C Shillam, J Van Cleave, A Vogelsmeier (2013). (Advancing the future of nursing: a report by the Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity (BAGNC) Alumni Policy and Leadership Committee).
  • Elizabeth McConnell, L. Matters, M Bunn, E Egerton, A Welch, T Summner, Sujaya Devarayshamudram, M Mitchell, Dana Carthron, L Day, K Corazzini (2013). (Creating a "world without woe" for people who have dementia: A Grand Challenge approach.).
  • Lenora Campbell, Dana Carthron, Marge Miles (2012). (Examining the Effectiveness of a Case Management Program for Custodial Grandparent Families. ).
  • Donald Bailey, Docherty S, Judy Adams, Dana Carthron, K Corazzini, J Day, E Neglia, M Thygeson, Ruth Anderson (2012). (Studying the clinical encounter with the Adaptive Leadership Framework. ).
  • Dana Carthron, Tiny Jones, Tara Hubbart, Courtney Strickland, Kimya Nance (2010). (“Give me some sugar”: the impact of caregiving responsibilities on the self-management activities of African-American primary caregiving grandmothers. ).
  • Dana Carthron (2007). (A splash of color: increasing diversity among nursing students and faculty.).
  • Elizabeth Coleman, C Stewart, S Wilson, Mary Cantrell, P O'Sullivan, Dana Carthron, L Wood (2004). (An evaluation of standardized patients in improving clinical breast examinations in military women.).