Catherine D White

Associate Professor

Catherine D White
College of Science and Technology


Barnes Hall G24
OtherThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.D.Immunology and Microbiology / Wayne State University
B.S.General Biology / Johnson C. Smith University

Recent Publications

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  • Catherine White, H Ismail, H Saigo, Dukka Kc (2017). (CNN-BLPred: a Convolutional neural network based predictor for β-Lactamases (BL) and their classes.). (Suppl 16) 18, pp. 577. BMC bioinformatics.
  • Checo Rorie, Catherine White (2016). (BIOLOGY ORIENTATION: A Guide to Success as a Biology Major). (1) 1, pp. 150. Kendall Hunt.
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  • Dapeng Xu, Michael , Lily Gavilano, Sam Witherspoon, Daniel Williams, Catherine White, Pietro Taverna, Brian Bednarski, Hong Kim, Albert Baldwin (2013). (Inhibition of oncogenic Pim-3 kinase modulates transformed growth and chemosensitizes pancreatic cancer cells to gemcitabine). (6) 14, pp. 492–501. Cancer Biology and Therapy.
  • Mark Bergland, Karen Klyczek, Chi-Cheng Lin, Mary Lundeberg, Rafael Tosado-Acevedo, Arlin Toro, Catherine White, Bjorn Wolter (2012). (AAAS Science Prize for Inquiry Based Instruction - Engaging Students in Molecular Biology via Case-Based Learning). (6093) 337, pp. 426-427. Science.
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