Ewuukgem Lomo-David

Associate Professor

Ewuukgem Lomo-David
College of Business & Economics

Business Info Systems & Analytics

Merrick Hall 219
EDDCurriculum and Instruction / Memphis State University
MEDBusiness Education and Office Management / Memphis State University
B.S.Business Education / Minnesota State University, Mankato


Born and raised in Ikuru Town, Andoni, Nigeria. High School: Okrika Grammar School, Okrika, Nigeria Attended National Technical Teachers College in Lagos (3 year post secondary) Arrived US 1981 to complete Bachelor's (Minnesota State University) , Master's and Doctorate (University of Memphis (The best University in the Mid-South). Currently teaching computer-based classes at College of Business and Economics (COBE) at NCA&TSU.

Research Interests

Effect of fake news on the populace and businesses, Seller Customer Bonding - The Case of Service Quality in Developing Countries, Justice and Equity in Oil Exploration in the Niger Delta, Examination of Mobile Banking in developing nations, Unconventional Education, Plagiarism and repercussions, Information security in healthcare.

Recent Publications

  • Deb, Ewuukgem Lomo-David (2020). (Determinants of Word of Mouth Intention for a World Heritage Site: The Case of the Sun Temple in India). 19, pp. 100533. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management.
  • Madhurima Deb, Ewuukgem (2020). (On the hedonic versus utilitarian message appeal in building buying intension in the luxury hotel industry). In Marianna Sigala, Roya Rahimi, Lonnie Lochstone-Binney, Emily Ma., 45, pp. 615-621. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management .
  • Deb, Ewuukgem Lomo-David (2020). (On the hedonic versus utilitarian message appeal in building buying intention in the luxury hotel industry). 45, pp. 615-621. ournal of Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • Sherrie Drye, Ewuukgem Lomo-David, Lisa Snyder, (2017). (Normal deviance: An analysis of university policies and student perceptions of academic dishonesty). (5) 6, Southern Journal of Business and Ethics.
  • Ewuukgem Lomo-David, Madhurima Deb (2014). (An Empirical Examination of Customer’s Adoption of m-Banking in India). Marketing Intelligence and Planning.
  • Ewuukgem Lomo-David, Finomo Awajiusuk (2014). (The Bane of Crude Oil Exploitation on the Inhabitants of the Niger Delta of Nigeria”). In Fuabeh P. Fonge, (X) 4, pp. 118-141. Journal of International Studies and Development.
  • Madhurima Deb, Ewuukgem Lomo-David, (2013). (Critical analysis of seller-customer bonding: perception, retention, orientation and status). (1) 14, pp. 90-. Journal of Management Policy and Practice (JMPP). .