Stephanie Luster-Teasley

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE)

Stephanie Luster-Teasley
Provost and VC for Academic Affairs

Provost and VC for Academic Affairs

McNair Hall 448
B.S.Chemical Engineering / North Carolina A&T State University
M.S.Chemical Engineering / Michigan State University
Ph.D.Environmental Engineering / Michigan State University

Research Interests

Water and wastewater treatment, remediation of soil and groundwater, water sustainability, and engineering education.

Recent Publications

  • Stephanie Luster-Teasley, Janie Locklear, Niya King (2015). (Using Case Studies in Laboratories – why a new paradigm is needed for the Millennial Learner). Journal of Engineering Education.
  • Stephanie Luster-Teasley, Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Willietta Gibson, Roland Leak (2017). (Case studies in sustainability used in an introductory laboratory course to enhance laboratory instruction). (2) 18, pp. 30-39. Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research.
  • K.I. Soumaila, A.S. Niandou, M. Naimi, C. Mohamed, Keith Schimmel, Stephanie Luster-Teasley, (2019). (A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Water Quality Indices). (1B) 9, pp. 1-15. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A&B.
  • Harsh Patel, Brian Brazil, Helen Lou, Manoj Jha, Stephanie Luster-Teasley, Renzun Zhao, (2020). (Evaluation of the Effects of Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment on Landfill Leachate and Sewage Co-treatment in Publicly Owned Treatment Works).
  • Arielle True-Funk, Cristina Poleacovschi, Gloria Jones-Johnson, Scott Feinstein, Kalynda Smith, Stephanie Luster-Teasley (2021). ( Intersectional Engineers: Diversity of Gender and Race Microaggressions and Their Effects in Engineering Education). (3) 37, Journal of Management in Engineering.