Dominic P Clemence


Dominic P Clemence
College of Science and Technology


Marteena Hall 110
Ph.D.Mathematical Physics / Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
M.S.Mathematics / Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B.S.Engineering Mathematics / North Carolina A&T State University

Research Interests

Differential Equations Mathematical Modeling Numerical Methods Mathematics Education

Recent Publications

  • Dominic Clemence-Mkhope, Mauricio Rivas, Sibusiso Mabuza (2022). (Persistence of dynamic consistency of nonstandard numerical schemes for the Fisher-KPP equation). In Zdzislaw Jackiewicz and Thiab Taha, (March 2023) Volume 185, pp. Pages 38-55. Applied Numerical Mathematics.
  • Neena Sasidharan, Dominic Clemence, Ashish Awasthi (2022). (Some Computational Methods for the Fokker–Planck Equation). In Santanu Saha Ray, (5) 8, International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics.
  • Dominic Clemence, Gregory Gibson (2022). (Taming Hyperchaos with Exact Spectral Derivative Discretization Finite Difference Discretization of a Conformable Fractional Derivative Financial System with Market Confidence and Ethics Risk). In Paweł Olejnik, (1) 27, pp. 29. Mathematical and Computational Applications/MDPI.
  • Dominic Clemence-Mkhope (2021). (Dynamically Consistent NSFD Discretization of Some Productive-Destructive Population Models Satisfying Conservations Laws). ( e7077) Volume 8, Open Access Library Journal.
  • Dominic Clemence-Mkhope, Belinda Clemence-Mkhope (2021). (settings Open AccessArticle The Limited Validity of the Conformable Euler Finite Difference Method and an Alternate Definition of the Conformable Fractional Derivative to Justify Modification of the Method). (4) 26, pp. 66. Mathematical and Computational Applications.
  • Dominic Clemence-Mkhope, V Rabeeb Ali, Ashish Awasthi (2020). (Non-standard Finite Difference Based Numerical Method for Viscous Burgers’ Equation). (6) 6, pp. 154. International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics.
  • Kathy Cousins-Cooper, Dominic Clemence, Katrina Nelson, Seongtae Kim, (2019). (ASSESSING THE EMPORIUM MODEL THROUGH STUDENT PERFORMANCE AND PERSISTENCE). (7) 7, pp. 408-420. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research(IJIER).
  • Kathy Cousins-Cooper, Dominic Clemence, Thomas Redd, Nicholas Luke, Seongtae Kim (2019). (Math Emporium Instructional Course Design: Algebra Course Evolution at an HBCU). In Zakiya S. Wilson-Kennedy, Goldie S. Byrd, Eugene Kennedy, Henry T. Frierson , (Broadening Participation in STEM: Effective Methods, Practices, and Programs) 22, pp. 237-263.
  • Paramanathan Varatharajah, Dominic Clemence, Janis Oldham, Barbara Tankersley, Seongtae Kim, Belinda , Kathy Cousins-Cooper, Choongseok Park (2019). (SCALE-UP Instructional Redesign of a Calculus Course at an HBCU). (1) 7, pp. 31-44. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research.
  • Dominic Clemence, Frank Ingram (2018). (The Asymptotic Behavior of the Titchmarsh-Weyl m-function for a Dirac System on the Line). (1) 4, pp. 29-33. DJ Journal of Engineering and Applied Mathematics.
  • Thomas Redd, Dominic Clemence, (2016). (A Metric for Matrix Data Set Comparison Via QR-Factorization). In Tian-Xiao He, Paul Bracken, Jose C. Valverde, Jia Li (Chief Editors), (6) 17, pp. 1-19. British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science.
  • Gregory Goins, Thomas Redd, Mingxiang Chen, Catherine White, Dominic Clemence (2016). (Forming a Biomathematical Learning Alliance Across Traditional Academic Departments). In Carissa Davies, (6) 4, pp. 16-23. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research.
  • Liping Liu, Dominic Clemence, Ronald Mickens (2011). (A nonstandard finite difference scheme for contaminant transport with kinetic langmuir sorption). (4) 27, pp. 767–785. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations.
  • Mingxiang Chen, Dominic Clemence, Gregory Gibson (2010). (Analysis Of Numerical Schemes Of A Mathematical Model For Sickle Cell Depolymerization). 216, pp. 1489–1500. Elsevier - Applied Mathematics and Computation.
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