Sayed Mostafa

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Science and Technology


Smith Hall 3005
B.S.Statistics / Cairo University
PostMasterCertificateBusiness Data Mining / Oklahoma State University
M.S.Statistics / Oklahoma State University
Ph.D.Statistics / Oklahoma State University

Research Interests

Survey Sampling, Nonparametric Statistics, Statistical Learning, and Data Science

Recent Publications

  • Sayed Mostafa, Ibrahim Ahmad (2016). (Remainder linear systematic sampling with multiple random starts). (4) 10, pp. 824--851. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice.
  • Sayed Mostafa, Ibrahim Ahmad (2018). (Recent developments in systematic sampling: A review). (2) 12, pp. 290--310. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice.
  • Emad Mohamed, Sayed Mostafa (2019). (Computing happiness from textual data). (3) 2, pp. 347-370. Stats.
  • Sayed Mostafa, Qingsong Shan (2019). (Finite population model-assisted estimation using combined parametric and nonparametric regression smoothers.). (58) 13, Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice.
  • Sayed Mostafa, Ibrahim Ahmad (2019). (Kernel density estimation from complex surveys in the presence of complete auxiliary information). (3) 82, pp. 295-338. Metrika.
  • Sayed Mostafa, Ibrahim Ahmad (2020). (Kernel density estimation based on the distinct units in sampling with replacement). pp. 1-41. Sankhya B (The Indian Journal of Statistics).
  • Tamer Elbayoumi, Sayed Mostafa (2020). (On the Estimation Bias in First‐Order Bifurcating Autoregressive Models). (e342) 10, pp. 17. Stat.
  • Amr Soliman, Meike Schild-Suhren, Sayed Mostafa, Sarah Antar, Ahmed Nezzal, Basel Refky, Eduard Malik, Onur Güralp (2021). (Lymphadenectomy and pelvic irradiation in high-risk endometrioid endometrial cancer: A population-based retrospective analysis using the SEER databank). (1) 48, pp. 151-158. Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology.
  • Amani Babekir, Sayed Mostafa, Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi (2021). (The Association of Toxoplasma gondii IgG and Cardiovascular Biomarkers). In William A. Toscano, (9) 18, pp. 17. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.