Eduardo Guimaraes Minuci

Assistant Professor

Eduardo Guimaraes Minuci
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College of Business & Economics


Merrick Hall 231
Ph.D.Economics / West Virginia University
MAEconomics / West Virginia University
B.A.Economics / Winthrop University


I am an applied banking macroeconomist passionate about teaching and producing quality research that advances economic knowledge and helps individuals better understand how the economy interacts with their lives.

Research Interests

My main research field is financial economics, with a special focus on the connection between banking and finance with regional socioeconomic outcomes in the United States. My recent work has focused on understanding how differences in banking market composition, bank heterogeneity in the provision of financial services, and bank performance (efficiency, risk-taking behavior, and profitability) can promote growth in entrepreneurial activities across U.S. states and counties. My goal is to be able to explore how banking can promote or impede growth especially in underprivileged communities; hence, my current work has particularly explored community banks, which are banks specialized in serving financially constrained borrowers.

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Recent Publications

  • Eduardo Guimaraes Minuci, Candon Johnson (2024). (The impact of the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement on wage discrimination in the NBA). In David A. Peel, (0) 0, pp. 1-4. Applied Economics.
  • Bryan McCannon, Eduardo Minuci (2020). (Shill bidding and trust). 26, pp. 12. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance.
  • Candon Johnson, Eduardo Minuci (2020). (Wage discrimination in the NBA: Evidence using free agent signings). In Charles Courtemanche, (2) 87, pp. 517-539. Southern Economic Journal.
  • Eduardo Minuci, Amir Ferreira Neto, Joshua Hall (2019). (A data envelopment analysis of West Virginia school districts). In Elizabeth Hancock, (7) 5, pp. 6. Heliyon.