Abdollah Homaifar


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

McNair Hall 537
Ph.D.Electrical Engineering / The University of Alabama
M.S.Stony Brook University
OtherStony Brook University


He is the Duke Energy Eminent professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University. He is also the director of the Autonomous Control and Information Technology Institute and the Testing, Evaluation, and Control of Heterogeneous Large-scale Systems of Autonomous Vehicles.

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Approximate Reasoning, Soft Computing, Evolutionary Computations, Stochastic Control and Estimation, Modelling and Control of Systems of Systems , Robotics

Recent Publications

  • Mrinmoy Sarkar, Xuyang Yan, Berat Erol, Ioannis Raptis, Abdollah Homaifar (2021). (A novel search and survey technique for unmanned aerial systems in detecting and estimating the area for wildfires). 145, pp. 103848. Robotics and Autonomous Systems.
  • Niloofar Bahadori, Mahmoud Mahmoud, Abdollah Homaifar (2021). (Antenna Beamwidth Optimization in Directional Device-to-Device Communication Using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning). IEEE Access.
  • Nana Gyimah, Abenezer Girma, Mahmoud Mahmoud, Shamila Nateghi, Abdollah Homaifar, Daniel Opoku (2021). (A Robust Completed Local Binary Pattern (RCLBP) for Surface Defect Detection). arXiv preprint arXiv:2112.04021.
  • Abenezer Girma, Abdollah Homaifar, Mahmoud Mahmoud, Xuyang Yan, Mrinmoy Sarkar (2021). (DA $\^{}$\$$\backslash$textbf $\$2$\$$\$ $-Net: Diverse \& Adaptive Attention Convolutional Neural Network). arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.13157.
  • Niloofar Bahadori, Mahmoud Mahmoud, Brian Kelley, Abdollah Homaifar (2021). (Enabling Content-Centric Device-to-Device Communication in the Millimeter-Wave Band). IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.
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