John P Ward

Associate Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Science and Technology


Hines Hall 323
Ph.D.Mathematics / Texas A&M University
B.S.Mathematics / University of Georgia

Research Interests

Applied harmonic analysis, Signal and image processing, Wavelets, Basis functions, Measure theory, Stochastic processes, Signal processing on graphs

Recent Publications

  • Owen Deen, Colton Waller, John Ward (2024). (Fast and accurate log-determinant approximations). IEEE Signal Processing Letters.
  • Kossi Edoh, John Ward (2023). (High-Dimensional Contact Network Epidemiology). pp. 12. MDPI - Epidemiologia.
  • John Ward, Francis Narcowich, Joseph Ward (2020). (Interpolating splines on graphs for data science applications). Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis.
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  • J Graves, Jr, Akamu Ewunkem, John Ward, C Staley, Misty Thomas, Kristen Rhinehardt, Jian Han, Scott Harrison (2019). (Experimental evolution of gallium resistance in Escherichia coli.). (1) 2019, pp. 169-180. Evolution, medicine, and public health.
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