Seongtae Kim

Associate Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Hines Hall 123B
OtherStatistics / North Carolina State University
B.A.Economics / Hanyang University- ERICA Campus
Ph.D.Statistics / North Carolina State University
OtherPublic Finance and Monetary Theory / Korea University


Dr. Seong-Tae “Ty” Kim is Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Department of Mathematics, College of Science and Technology, North Carolina A&T State University since 2013. Prior to joining N.C. A&T State University, he worked as Biostatisician at the Center for Cancer Genomics at Wake Forest School of Medicine where he performed biomedical and genomic research. He published more than three dozen of articles in peer-reviewed journals. His research areas include Data Science, Bioinformatics, and Time Series Analysis along with Big Data. Dr. Kim received his Ph.D. in Statistics from North Carolina State University in 2007.

Research Interests

Data science, Time series analysis, Biostatistics

Recent Publications

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