Meng Zhao

Associate Dean for School of Nursing

Meng Zhao
College of Health & Human Sciences

School of Nursing

Noble Hall 203


My primary research expertise centers on the assessment and intervention of health disparities within community settings. With expertise in scale development and community assessment, I developed the Coronavirus Awareness and Preparedness Scale (CAPS) to assess community readiness for the emerging COVID-19 threat during the pandemic.
My current research endeavors focus on promoting healthy aging and enhancing the physical and mental well-being of community elders. I am actively involved in pioneering a digitalized square-stepping exercise program tailored to the needs of older adults. This program holds promising potential to positively impact the community by addressing physical, cognitive, and mental aging challenges. Through this research, I aim to contribute to our understanding of aging-related health equity issues and develop effective interventions to foster a healthier and more equitable community for elders.

Research Interests

Community Assessment and Intervention Design among Underserved Older Adults

Recent Publications

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