Emmanuel Obeng Gyasi

Assistant Professor

Emmanuel Obeng Gyasi
Price Hall 118
PostBaccalaureateCertificateEnvironmental and Occupational Health / Johns Hopkins
B.A.Chemistry / Indiana University Bloomington
Ph.D.Environmental Health / Indiana University Bloomington
MPHPublic Health Administration / Indiana University Bloomington

Research Interests

Dr. Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi completed his doctorate in Environmental Health and Epidemiology at Indiana University, Bloomington. He uses biostatistics, epidemiology, molecular biology, and analytical chemistry techniques to investigate the effects of environmental toxicants on the environment and populations. His research interests include: Heavy metals and their effects on environmental and human health; environmental epidemiology; ecotoxicology; environmental and urban geochemistry; prevention and control of vector-borne diseases; and global health.

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Recent Publications

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