Misty Thomas

Associate Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Science and Technology


Barnes Hall G11
Ph.D.Microbiology / University of Manitoba
OtherBiochemistry/Micro / University College of St. Boniface

Research Interests

Regulation of Microbial Pahtogenesis

Recent Publications

  • Misty Thomas, Akamu Ewunkem, S Boyd, D Williams, A Moore, Kristen Rhinehardt, E Van Beveren, B Yang, A Tapia, Jian Han, Scott Harrison, J Graves, Jr (2021). (Too much of a good thing: Adaption to iron (II) intoxication in Escherichia coli.). (1) 9, pp. 53-67. Evolution, medicine, and public health.
  • Gail Joseph, Bo Zhang, Scott Harrison, Joseph Graves, Misty Thomas, Renuka Panchagavi, Akamu Ewunkem, Lijun Wang (2020). (Microbial community dynamics during anaerobic co-digestion of corn stover and swine manure at different solid content, carbon to nitrogen ratio and effluent volumetric percentages). (9) 55, pp. 1111-1124. J Environ Sci Health A Tox Hazard Subst Environ Eng.
  • J Graves, Jr, Akamu Ewunkem, John Ward, C Staley, Misty Thomas, Kristen Rhinehardt, Jian Han, Scott Harrison (2019). (Experimental evolution of gallium resistance in Escherichia coli.). (1) 2019, pp. 169-180. Evolution, medicine, and public health.
  • Joseph Graves, Misty Thomas, Jude Ewunkem (2017). (Antimicrobial Nanomaterials: Why Evolution Matters). (283) 7, Nanomaterials.
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  • Sharon Portwood, Jeffrey Shears, Ellissa Nelson, Misty Thomas (2015). (Examining the impact of family services on homeless children). (4) 20, pp. 480-493. Child & Family Social Work.
  • Misty Thomas (2014). (The beta-lactamase Gene Regulator AmpR is a Tetramer that Recognizes and Binds the D-Ala-D-Ala Motif of its Repressor UDP-MurNAc-pentapeptide). (5) 290, pp. 2630-43. The Journal of Biological Chemistry.
  • Misty Thomas (2010). (Crystal structure of the AmpR effector binding domain provides insight into the molecular regulation of inducible AmpC beta-lactamase). (5) 400, pp. 998-1010. The Journal of Molecular Biology.
  • Misty Thomas (2009). (Insight into a strategy for attenuating AmpC-mediated Beta-lactam resistance: structural basis for selective inhibition of the glycoside hydrolase NagZ). 18, pp. 1541-1551. Protein Science.
  • Misty Thomas (2007). (Small molecule inhibitors of a glycoside hydrolase attenuate inducible AmpC-mediated beta-lactam resistance). (29) 282, The Journal of Biological Chemistry.