Clayton J Clark

Associate Dean - College of Engineering

Clayton J Clark
College of Engineering

College of Engineering

Ph.D.Environmental Engineering Sciences / University of Florida
OtherEnvironmental Engineering Sciences / University of Florida
B.S.Chemical Engineering / Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

Recent Publications

  • Siera Sylvester, Jalaycia Hughes, Clayton Clark, II (2022). (Application of Epistemic Uncertainty Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis in Green Construction Design). (2) 3, pp. 26. Advances in Environmental and Engineering Research.
  • Niya King, Stephanie Luster-Teasley, Clayton Clark (2022). (Comparison of Release Efficiencies for the Controlled-Release of Potassium Permanganate in Polycaprolactone). 13, pp. 277-288. Journal of Environmental Protection.
  • Charlie Martin, Clayton Clark (2022). (Full Scale SBR Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility Utilization of Simultaneous Nitrification/Denitrification Coupled with Traditional Nitrogen Removal to Meet Water Criterion). 12, pp. 41-56. Green and Sustainable Chemistry.
  • Yudi Wu, Clayton Clark, Chen Lin, Gang Chen (2022). (Neutrally Charged Nanosilver Antimicrobial Effects: A Surface Thermodynamic Perspective). 212, pp. 7. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces.
  • Siera Sylvester, Clayton Clark (2021). (BIM-based sustainability analysis of small-scale new construction in Florida climatic zones: Tallahassee, FL and Miami, FL). (6) 9, pp. 19. International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology.
  • Jalaycia Hughes, Simon Pallin, Antonio Aldykiewicz, Clayton Clark (2021). (Installation quality framework: Investment return approach for energy savings on building product installation). (11) 147, pp. 12. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.
  • Niya King, Stephanie Luster-Teasley, Clayton Clark (2021). (Preliminary analyses of controlled release of potassium permanganate encapsulated in polycaprolactone). 13, pp. 32-43. Journal of Water Resources and Protection.