Jared Neil Webb

Associate Professor

Jared Neil Webb
Proctor Hall 246
B.S.Civil Engineering / North Carolina State University
Ph.D.Educational Studies / University of North Carolina at Greensboro
MEDCurriculum and Instruction / University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Ph.D., Educational Studies (Mathematics Education), University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2018 M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction (Mathematics), University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2011 B.S., Civil Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2000.

Research Interests

My program of research aims to bring together three domains to contribute to the fields efforts of improving mathematics learning for all students: (1) my research focused on investigating mathematics teacher learning, professional development, and the ways in which teachers learning becomes a part of their practice; (2) my research in designing and scaling systems and tools to promote the use of research on mathematics teaching and learning in practice; and (3) my 20-year personal and professional journey to understand issues of racial justice in mathematics education and the ways in which mathematics learning opportunities can be reconceptualized so that students can experience a math education that allows Black learners to flourish in their humanity and brilliance (Martin, 2018).

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Recent Publications

  • Paola Sztajn, Cyndi Edgington, Peter Wilson, Jared Webb, Myers Marrielle, Paola Sztajn, Jared Webb (2019). (Learning Trajectories Based Instruction Project). In Sztajn, P & Wilson, H., (Learning Trajectories for Teachers) pp. 23-67 ). Teachers College Press & National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Peter Wilson, Paola Sztajn, Cyndi Edgington, Jared Webb, Marrielle Myers, Peter Wilson, Jared Webb (2017). (Changes in Teachers Discourse About Students in a Professional Development on Learning Trajectories). (3) 54, pp. 568-604 ). American Education Research Journal.
  • Cyndi Edgington, P. Holt Wilson, Paola Sztajn, Jared Webb, Cyndi Edgington, Jared Webb (2016). (Translating learning trajectories into useable tools for teachers). (1) 5, pp. 65-80 ). Mathematics Teacher Educator.