George W Stone


George W Stone
College of Business & Economics

Marketing and Supply Chain Managmt

Merrick Hall 310
B.S.Engineering / United States Military Academy
M.S.Business Administration / Boston University
Ph.D.Business Administration / University of Mississippi


B.S. West Point (USMA) 1978 MSBA Boston University 1982 Ph.D. University of Mississippi 1995

Research Interests

Ecological Issues in Marketing; Sports Marketing; International Marketing; Marketing Education; Political Advertising; and other areas such as Gun Marketing and Brand Loyalty issues.

Recent Publications

  • George Stone, Kathryn Cort, Japhet Nkonge (2012). (An Exploratory Model of the Antecedent Factors Contributing to Fan Support/Attendance at HBCU Basketball Games). (1) 1, pp. 2. Atlantic Marketing Journal.
  • George Stone, Jeffrey Blodgett, Japhet Nkonge, Kathryn Cort (2013). (The Moderating Influence of Political Involvement on Voters’ Attitudes toward Attack Ads). (1) 21, pp. 91–102. The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.
  • George Stone, Linda Coley, Roland Leak (2014). (Towards a Global Consumer “Eco-orientation” Model: A Cross-national Perspective). (4) 26, pp. 311-328. Journal of International Consumer Marketing.
  • Roland Leak, Omar Woodham, George Stone (2015). (Felt discrimination increases offensiveness of stereotyped out-group depictions). (1) 32, pp. 26-33. Journal of Consumer Marketing.
  • Omar Woodham, George Stone, Kathryn Cort, Michael Jones (2016). (An Exploratory Comparison of Private and HBCU Marketing Student Study Abroad Program (SAP) Participation Intentions). In Walter Kendall, (3) 5, pp. 35-57. Atlantic Marketing Journal .
  • George Stone (2017). (“Media Influence on Opinion about Man-Made Global Warming as Moderated by Individual Ecological Orientation and Personal Experience.” ). (2) 5, Atlantic Marketing Journal.