Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani

Associate Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
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College of Science and Technology


Gibbs Hall 302-G

Research Interests

Bayesian Statistics, Predictive Modeling, Sports Analytics

Recent Publications

  • Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani, Mohammad Arashi (2023). (On matrix variate density estimation problem). Journal of the Korean Statistical Society.
  • Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani (2022). (On Improving the Posterior Predictive Distribution of the Difference Between two Independent Poisson Distribution). Sankhya B.
  • Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani (2021). ($K_1K_2$--Inflated Conway--Maxwell--Poisson Model Bayesian Predictive Modeling with an Application in Soccer Matches.). American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences.
  • Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani, S Ejaz Ahmed (2021). (Predicting the scoring time in hockey.). Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice.
  • Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani, S Ejaz Ahmed (2020). (Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani, S. Ejaz Ahmed. The Application of Predictive Distribution Estimation in Multiple–Inflated Poisson Models to Ice Hockey Data.). Model Assisted Statistics and Applications.
  • Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani (2020). (On predictive density estimation of K-inflated Poisson models with and without additional information.). Revista Colombiana de Estadística.
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  • Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani, Indranil Ghosh (2017). (A new generalized Balakrishnan type Skewed-Normal distribution: properties and associated inference.). Communications in Statistics--Theory and Methods.