Paul Michael Stanfield


Paul Michael Stanfield
College of Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering

McNair Hall 403
Ph.D.Industrial Engineering / North Carolina State University
M.S.Industrial Engineering & Operations Research / North Carolina State University
MBABusiness Administration / The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
B.S.Electrical Engineering / North Carolina State University


Dr. Paul Stanfield is Associate Professor and Interim Chair in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Dr. Stanfield has consulted, taught, and advised leaders from all DoD services, all DHS, and over 30 private sector organizations. He is past president of ABCO Automation, an 80 person engineering and consulting firm. While at NC A&T, Dr. Stanfield has taught over 35 different courses in the areas of systems engineering, supply chain / production systems, and leadership development. He has received the Goody’s Powders, College of Engineering, and multiple department teaching awards. Dr. Stanfield has served as principal investigator on over 30 projectsand published in Oper Res, Eur Jour of Oper Res, Comp and Oper Res, Comp and Ind Eng, IISE Transactions and Int Jour of Prod Res. He won the NC A&T Young Investigator award and the IISE UPS Minority Advancement, Young Industrial Engineer in Education, Pritsker Dissertation, and Graduate Research awards.

Research Interests

Asset-Based Systems Engineering
Bio and Socio Inspired Design
Military Logistics

Recent Publications

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