Javad Sadeghi


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
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College of Business & Economics

Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Merrick Hall 317

Research Interests

Resilience and Sustainability

Recent Publications

  • Kiarash Sadeghi R, Divesh Ojha, Puneet Kaur, Raj Mahto, Amandeep Dhir (2024). (Explainable artificial intelligence and agile decision-making in supply chain cyber resilience). 180, pp. 114194. Decision Support Systems.
  • Ava Hajian, Setareh Daneshgar, Kiarash Sadeghi R, Divesh Ojha, Gagan Katiyar (2024). (From theory to practice: Empirical perspectives on the metaverse's potential). (123224) 201, pp. 1-11. Technological Forecasting and Social Change.
  • A. Z. Malik, Kiarash Sadeghi R, Audhesh Paswan, F. Kanwal (2024). (Incentivized fake reviews: When cognitive reappraisal paves the way for an immoral journey). pp. 1-17. Journal of Consumer Behaviour.
  • Kiarash Sadeghi R, Moein Qaisari Hasan Abadi (2024). (Sustainable supply chain resilience for logistics problems: Empirical validation using robust and computational intelligence methods). 437, pp. 140267. Journal of Cleaner Production.
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