Kalynda Chivon Smith

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kalynda Chivon Smith
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College of Health & Human Sciences


Science Building 232
Ph.D.Psychology / Howard University
M.S.Psychology / Howard University
B.A.English / Truman State Univerity
B.A.Psychology / Truman State Univerity


I earned a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Social Psychology from Howard University and a BA in Psychology and English from Truman State University. I am a social psychologist with expertise in STEM education and identity development research. I am currently a Co-PI or investigator on several interdisciplinary NSF-funded STEM education research projects.

Research Interests

I am currently the PI on an NIH-funded SuRe study entitled: How Health and Weight Management Social Media Messages Targeting African American Women Impact Health Behaviors. I am a Co-PI on an interdisciplinary NSF-funded study, Broadening Participation Research: Assessing the Effects of Integrating Learning-Strategy Instruction within Mathematics Courses on Students’ Math Mindset, Self-Regulated Learning and Performance, on an interdisciplinary NSF-funded study: Collaborative Research: Building Capacity to Improve STEM Education through Citizen Science by Scaling Up University-Community Partnerships, and a Co-PI on an interdisciplinary NSF-funded study, Broad Participation Research Project: Effects of Innovative Mathematics Instruction Methods on Student Attitude, Self-Efficacy, Effort and Performance. I am also an investigator and outside evaluator on the Hampton-Brandeis Partnership for Research and Education in Materials.

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Recent Publications

  • Kalynda Smith, Cristina Poleacovschi, Scott Feinstein, Stephanie Luster-Teasley (2022). (Ethnicity, Race, and Gender in Engineering Education: The Nuanced Experiences of Male and Female Latinx Engineering Undergraduates Targeted by Microaggressions.). In Cory Scherer , (0) 0, pp. 1-37. Psychological Reports.
  • Kalynda Smith (2022). (The Impact of communalism, academic identity, and academic emotions on the academic achievement of African American undergraduates). In Ivory A. Toldson, (1) 91, pp. 9-20. Journal of Negro Education.
  • Arielle True-Funk, Cristina Poleacovschi, Gloria Jones-Johnson, Scott Feinstein, Kalynda Smith, Stephanie Luster-Teasley (2021). ( Intersectional Engineers: Diversity of Gender and Race Microaggressions and Their Effects in Engineering Education). (3) 37, Journal of Management in Engineering.
  • Kalynda Smith, Demetris Geddis, Jerald Dumas (2021). (The Role of the HBCU Pipeline in Diversifying the STEM Workforce: Training the Next Generation of Drug Delivery Researchers). (113866) 176, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews.
  • Kalynda Smith, Barbara Boakye, Dawn Williams, Lorraine Fleming (2020). (The Exploration of how identity intersectionality strengthens STEM identity for Black female undergraduates attending a historically Black college and university.). (3) 88, pp. 407-418. Journal of Negro Education.