Regina Williams Davis

Interim Vice Provost for Student Success and University Registrar

Regina Williams Davis
Provost and VC for Academic Affairs

Provost and VC for Academic Affairs

B.A.Biology / Hampton University
MAHuman Relations / University of Oklahoma
Ph.D.Education Leadership & Cultural Foundations / University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Research Interests

Recidivism Studies, Intercultural Communication, Persuasion, Argumentation and Debate, Interpersonal Communication Studies, Gender, Racial and Religious Studies, Mediation, Community Network Development, Popular Culture, Youth and Identity, Parenting Pedagogies, Culture, Neuro-linguistics, Narrative Analysis, and Communication Strategies for Distance Learning.

Recent Publications

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  • Silverthorne (2005). (The Impact on Market Ideology on Youth Culture. Education and the Market Place). (1-887277-22-6) pp. pp. 36-42. Southern Association Philosophy of Education Society (SAPES).
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  • Regina Davis (2009). (Religion and the African American Woman: Sexism in the Church and Popular Cultural Influences). Volume 28, Number 2, pp. pp. 20-25. The Griot: The Journal of African American Studies.
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  • Regina Davis (2015). (Critical Discourse Analysis as an Interdisciplinary Research Methodology for Interdisciplinary, Intercultural and an Inter-institutional Assessment Tool for Student-perceived Learning Compared with Instructor-perceived Teaching of Interdisciplinary Online Courses ). Volume 177, pp. pp. 278-283. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Regina Davis, Deana Mcquitty (2015). (The Fundamentals of Speech Communication in the Digital Age). Kendall Hunt.