Antoinette M Maldonado-Devincci

Associate Professor

Antoinette M Maldonado-Devincci
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College of Health & Human Sciences


New Science Building 228
Ph.D.Psychology / University of South Florida
MAPsychology / University of South Florida
B.A.Psychology / University of South Florida


I am currently an Associate Professor at North Carolina A&T. My work focuses around binge alcohol exposure during adolescence and its impact on neurobehavioral functioning later in life.

Research Interests

My current research broadly centers around understanding how sex differences that emerge during adolescence impact long-term changes in brain and behavior. I am particularly interested in investigating how binge alcohol exposure during adolescence changes 1) alcohol use disorders, 2) mood disorders, and 3) abnormal brain development in adulthood. This work is accomplished using preclinical animals models of adolescent binge alcohol exposure.

I was recently appointed as a Faculty Scholar to the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute through UNC Chapel Hill. My current research projects use a mouse model to determine how sex differences and binge alcohol exposure during adolescence impact long-term changes in 1) brain neurosteroids; 2) affective behaviors; 3) alcohol drinking in adulthood.

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Recent Publications

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