Joseph R Huscroft

Associate Professor/Chairperson

Joseph R Huscroft
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College of Business & Economics

Marketing and Supply Chain Managmt

B.S.Behavioral Sciences / United States Air Force Academy
MPAPublic Administration/Personnel Management / Troy State University
M.S.Logistics Management / Air Force Institute of Technology
Ph.D.Management / Auburn University


Joseph R. Huscroft (Ph.D. Auburn University) is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and the Chair for the Marketing, Transportation and Supply Chain Department at North Carolina A&T State University. He received his Ph.D. at Auburn University and previously taught at the Air Force Institute of Technology. His research has focused on reverse logistics, sustainability, innovation, and human capital development.

Research Interests

Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain Sustainability, Green Logistics, Human Capital Management, Transportation, Behavioral Operations

Recent Publications

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