Ademe Mekonnen

Associate Professor

Ademe Mekonnen
College of Science and Technology

Applied Science and Technology

Gibbs Hall 310
B.S.Physics / Addis Ababa University
OtherAgricultural Meteorology / Israel Meteorological Department
OtherMeteorology / India Meteorological Department
OtherEconomics / Addis Ababa University
M.S.Weather, Climate and Modeling / University of Reading
Ph.D.Atmospheric Science / University at Albany State University


Dr. Mekonnen's research interest include tropical waves and convection, regional monsoons, climate variability and climate change. He specializes in tropical in tropical meteorology. He has long-years of experience in research and operational forecast with the Ethiopian Meteorological Service in Addis Ababa. His objective is to better understand the relationship between tropical waves and convection and rainfall including variability at shorter and longer time scales.

Research Interests

Research interest includes the interaction between tropical waves and convection, regional monsoons and medium to longer range forecast problem, climate variability and climate change.

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Recent Publications

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