Matthew B McCullough

Associate Professor

Matthew B McCullough
McNair Hall 327
Ph.D.Biomedical Engineering / University of Iowa
B.S.Industrial and System Engineering / North Carolina A&T State University

Research Interests

musculoskeletal biomechanics, computational modeling, kinematic analysis, health disparities.

Recent Publications

  • Jagannathan Sankar, Jonquil Flowers, Matthew McCullough (2020). (Design of a new magnesium-based anterior cruciate ligament interference screw using finite element analysis). 20, pp. 20-25 ). Journal of Orthopaedic Translation.
  • Tonya Smith-Jackson, Rohith Nama, Younho Seong, Matthew McCullough (2019). (Designing Dementia Caregiver Empowerment Interventions through a Simulation: A Conceptualization Study). (001) 1, ). International Journal of Health Systems Engineering.
  • Matthew McCullough, Kevin Hawkins, Jagannathan Sankar (2018). (Parametric Finite Element Analysis of Magnesium Based Anterior Cruciate Ligament Interference Screws For the Purpose of Optimizing Screw Purchase.). (03n04) 21, ). Journal of Musculoskeletal Research.
  • Robert Wesley, Matthew McCullough, Robert Wesley, Matthew McCullough (2017). (In Silico Modeling of Human Energy Metabolism). (1) 7, pp. 26-36 ). EC Microbiology.
  • Matthew McCullough, Mark Gomes, Jagannathan Sankar, Narayan Bhattarai, Mark Gomes, Jagannathan Sankar, Narayan Bhattarai, Matthew McCullough (2017). (Preparations and Characterization of Chitosan Based Composite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration: A Preliminary Report). 1, pp. 15-25 ). EC Orthopaedics.
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