Clay Samuel Gloster

Interim Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate College

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
The Graduate College

The Graduate College

Smith Hall 2011
B.S.Electrical Engineering / North Carolina A&T State University
M.S.Electrical Engineering / North Carolina A&T State University
Ph.D.Computer Engineering / North Carolina State University
OtherReligion / Howard University

Research Interests

His research interests are in the general area of reconfigurable computing. Current research focuses on the development of a suite of software tools that allow scientists to benefit from the potential order of magnitude speedup in execution time offered by reconfigurable computers over typical desktop computers. Dr. Gloster has also conducted research in the area of technology-based curriculum development, distance education, and VLSI design for testability.

Recent Publications

  • Muztaba Fuad, Debzani Deb, James Etim, Clay Gloster, Muztaba Fuad, Clay Gloster (2018). (Mobile response system: a novel approach to interactive and hands-on activity in the classroom). (2) 66, pp. 493-514 ). ETR\&D-EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.
  • Ismail Koyuncu, Ibrahim Sahin, Clay Gloster, Namık Sarıtekin, Ismail Koyuncu, Clay Gloster (2017). (A Neuron Library for Rapid Realization of Artificial Neural Networks on FPGA: A Case Study of Rossler Chaotic System). (01) 26, pp. 1750015 ). Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers.
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  • Clay Gloster, Naser El-Bathy, M. El-Bathy, G. Azar, Clay Gloster, Naser El-Bathy, M. El-Bathy (2012). (Intelligent Search Lifecycle Architecture for Mass Media Using SOA). (4) 2, pp. 36-41 ). Architecture Research Journal.
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