Christina Tupper

Associate Professor

Christina Tupper
College of Business & Economics


Merrick Hall 333
Ph.D.Business Administration / Old Dominion University
MBABusiness Administration / Jacksonville State University
B.S.Management - Business Management and Entrepreneurship / Louisiana Tech University

Research Interests

Initial Public Offerings, Founder versus nonfounder effects, Internationalization of capital markets, Organizational and entrepreneurial narratives, Small business innovation

Recent Publications

  • Christina Tupper, Anju Mehta (2023). (The role of national context in the relationship between founder CEO and IPO performance). (3) 31, pp. 381-412. Multinational Business Review.
  • Christina Tupper, Mark Mallon (2022). (A configurational approach to the intended use of IPO proceeds and performance). (8) 60, pp. 2366-2387. Management Decision.
  • Christina Tupper (2021). (Who does the media love? A qualitative content analysis of the narratives of founders and nonfounders in IPO firms). Forthcoming, Baltic Journal of Management.
  • Christina Tupper, Orhun Guldiken, Mirko Benischke (2018). (Capital Market Liability of Foreignness of IPO Firms). (4) 53, pp. 555-567. Journal of World Business.
  • M. Frazier, Christina Tupper (2018). (Supervisor prosocial motivation, employee thriving, and helping behavior: A trickle-down model of psychological safety). (4) 43, pp. 561-593. Group and Organization Management.
  • Christina Tupper (2017). (Is my creative idea a business opportunity?). (1) 2, pp. 111-114. Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercises Journal.
  • Orhun Guldiken, Christina Tupper, Anil Nair, Wendy Yu (2017). (The impact of media coverage on IPO stock performance). 72, pp. 24-32. Journal of Business Research.
  • Christina Tupper (2016). (Crisis conditions and performance of IPO firms: Impact of founder-CEOs and foreign listings). (1) 21, pp. 32-52. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship.
  • M. Frazier, Christina Tupper, Stav Fainshmidt (2016). (The path(s) to interpersonal trust in nascent and established employee-supervisor relationships: A fuzzy set analysis). (7) 37, pp. 1023-1043. Journal of Organizational Behavior.