Margaret I Kanipes-Spinks

Associate Professor/Director Honors Program

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Academic Classroom Building 110
OtherBiochemistry / Duke University
Ph.D.Biological Sciences / Carnegie Mellon University
B.S.Chemistry / North Carolina A&T State University

Research Interests

Food-borne pathogen detection and STEM Education

Recent Publications

  • Sayo Fakayode, James Mayes, Margaret Kanipes-Spinks, David Johnson, Ernest Cuthbertson, David Johnson, Sayo Fakayode, Ernest Cuthbertson, Margaret Kanipes-Spinks (2016). (Promoting Student Learning in Criminal Justice, STEM, and Forensic Science: Aggie Sleuth Initiative (AggieSI)-Guided Inquiry Learning Experience). pp. 13 ). Journal of Criminal Justice Education.
  • Sayo Fakayode, Vincent Snipes, Margaret Kanipes-Spinks, Mohammed M., Mohamed Y., Zakiya Wilson, Margaret Kanipes-Spinks, Zakiya Wilson, Sayo Fakayode, Vincent Snipes (2016). (Innovative Pedagogies and Partnerships to Promote Undergraduate STEM Education at an HBCU). In Charles B. Prince and Rochelle Ford, ( In Setting a New Agenda for Student Engagement and Retention in Historically Black Colleges and Universities) pp. 299 ). IGI Global.
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  • , Margaret Kanipes-Spinks, Margaret Kanipes-Spinks (Mom the Chemistry Professor). ). Springer.