Huiming A Yu


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
McNair Hall 501
B.S.Electrical Engineering / Xiamen University
Ph.D.Computer Science / Stevens Institute of Technology
OtherEngineering / Hefei Polytechnic University

Research Interests

Cloud computing, information assurance, computer security and visualization

Recent Publications

  • Zhipeng Liu, Huiming Yu, Zhipeng Liu (2018). (Ransomware’s Origin, Explosions and Its Evolution). (8) 5, ). Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science ( IJAECS).
  • Xiaohong Yuan, Li Yang, Bilan Jones, Huiming Yu, Bei-Tseng Chu, Xiaohong Yuan, Li Yang, Huiming Yu (2016). (Secure Software Engineering Education: Knowledge Area, Curriculum and Resources.). (Journal of Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice) ). Society for Information Organization, Harrow. HA # 8NN, UK.
  • Xiaohong Yuan, Emmanuel Nuakoh, Huiming Yu, Xiaohong Yuan, Emmanuel Nuakoh, Huiming Yu (2015). (Developing abuse cases based on threat modeling and attack patterns). (Journal of Software) (4) 10, ).
  • Francis Akowuah, Jerrisa Lake, Xiaohong Yuan, Emmanuel Nuakoh, Huiming Yu, Francis Akowuah, Xiaohong Yuan, Huiming Yu (2015). (, Testing the Security Vulnerabilities of OpenEMR4.1.1: A Case Study). (Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges) (3) 30, ). ACM.
  • Huiming Yu, Nadia Jones, Nadia Jones, Huiming Yu (2014). (Secure Software Programming). (1) 3, pp. 189-196 ). The Journal of American Business Review.
  • Huiming Yu, Nadia Jones, Huiming Yu, Nadia Jones (State-of-the-Art Concepts and Future Directions in Software Engineering). ). IGI Global.