Danielle D Winchester

Associate Dean/Assoc Professor

Danielle D Winchester
College of Business & Economics


Craig Hall 413
B.S.SILS - International Business / University of North Carolina at Greensboro
MBABusiness Administration / The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Ph.D.Personal Financial Plan / Texas Tech University

Research Interests

Her research interests include consumer financial decision making, financial literacy, and gender and racial differences in these domains. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals focusing on economic psychology, financial counseling and planning, as well as practitioner application.

Recent Publications

  • John Salter, Vickie Hampton, Danielle Winchester, Harold Evensky, Deana Katz (2011). (Entry-level financial planning practices: Preparing students to hit the ground running). (3) 20, pp. 195-216. Financial Services Review.
  • Michael Finke, Sandra Huston, Danielle Winchester (2011). (Financial advice: Who pays). (1) 22, pp. 77-85. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning.
  • Danielle Winchester, Sandra Huston, Michael Finke (2011). (Investor prudence and the role of financial advice). (4) 67, Journal of Financial Service Professionals.
  • Ajamu Loving, Nathan Harness, Danielle Winchester (2012). (Finishing School: Integrating sales skills and product knowledge into financial planning curriculum). (3) 1, GSTF Business Review.
  • Danielle Winchester (2013). (Keeping your financial planner to yourself: Racial and cultural differences in financial planner referrals). (2) 40, pp. 165-184. Review of Black Political Economy.
  • Danielle Winchester (2014). (Does a relationship with a financial services professional overcome a client's sense of not being in control of achieving their goals? ). (1) 23, pp. 1-24. Financial Services Review.
  • Danielle Winchester (2015). (All financial advice for the middle class is not equal). (3) 38, pp. 247-264. Journal of Consumer Policy.
  • Danielle Winchester (2017). (Trust reduces costs associated with consumer-financial planner relationship). (4) 71, pp. 80-91. Journal of Financial Service Professionals.
  • Danielle Winchester, Sandra Huston (2020). (An exploratory study identifying who worries and the associated stressors). (1) 74, pp. 56-65. Journal of Financial Service Professionals.