Danielle D Winchester

Associate Dean/Associate Professor

Danielle D Winchester
College of Business & Economics


Craig Hall 224
Ph.D.Personal Financial Plan / Texas Tech University
MBABusiness Administration / The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
B.S.SILS - International Business / University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Research Interests

Her research interests include consumer financial decision making, financial literacy, and gender and racial differences in these domains. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals focusing on economic psychology, financial counseling and planning, as well as practitioner application.

Recent Publications

  • Danielle Winchester, Sandra Huston (2020). (An exploratory study identifying who worries and the associated stressors). (1) 74, pp. 56-65. Journal of Financial Service Professionals.
  • Danielle Winchester (2017). (Trust reduces costs associated with consumer-financial planner relationship). (4) 71, pp. 80-91. Journal of Financial Service Professionals.
  • Danielle Winchester (2015). (All financial advice for the middle class is not equal). (3) 38, pp. 247-264. Journal of Consumer Policy.
  • Danielle Winchester (2014). (Does a relationship with a financial services professional overcome a client's sense of not being in control of achieving their goals? ). (1) 23, pp. 1-24. Financial Services Review.
  • Danielle Winchester (2013). (Keeping your financial planner to yourself: Racial and cultural differences in financial planner referrals). (2) 40, pp. 165-184. Review of Black Political Economy.
  • Ajamu Loving, Nathan Harness, Danielle Winchester (2012). (Finishing School: Integrating sales skills and product knowledge into financial planning curriculum). (3) 1, GSTF Business Review.
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