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Master of Science in Chemistry

Be on the forefront of scientific research and discovery with a graduate chemistry degree from a top-ranked HBCU.


Are you passionate about science? Do you dream of a career researching the complex chemical makeup of the world around us? Earning a Master of Science in Chemistry from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University will give you the real-world and theoretical training to excel as a professional researcher, Ph.D. candidate, or health care professional. Whatever path you follow, a graduate chemistry degree from N.C. A&T will help you make a positive impact on the world.

When you earn your M.S. in chemistry at N.C. A&T you’ll immerse yourself in a community of dedicated and passionate peers, faculty, and alumni who work together to achieve more and reach new levels of scientific inquiry. You’ll also enjoy graduate chemistry labs and classes in state-of-the-art facilities filled with the latest and most sophisticated tools and equipment used by professional researchers in many industries every day.

You’ll graduate with a chemistry master’s degree accredited by the American Chemical Society, which means that your educational experience will be recognized and respected across the country for its rigor and excellence.

Why earn your graduate chemistry degree at N.C. A&T?

When you earn your graduate chemistry degree from N.C. A&T, you’ll enjoy an education like no other — learning to collaborate with your peers while practicing the leadership skills that will help set you apart from other chemists throughout the country. You’ll also benefit from:

World-class facilities. Your graduate chemistry labs and classes will be held in our cutting-edge New Science Building, which is outfitted with smart classrooms for teaching and research, as well as all the major scientific instruments needed to conduct groundbreaking research.

Exceptional career development. Our investment in student success and hands-on learning has resulted in 85% of our graduates continuing on to a doctoral program or postgraduate school — or starting a career in the industry that interests them.

A strong community. As a student in our Master of Science in Chemistry program, you can participate in many special events hosted by the College of Science and Technology, including forums to improve the program, innovation challenges that give you the opportunity to show off your work to leading organizations in the area, and workshops to share ideas with your peers.

M.S. in chemistry concentrations

Thesis Option

Students interested in going into research or technical publishing can choose the thesis option: Research, write, and defend your thesis in the area of your choice.

Non-Thesis Option
If you are more interested in going into industry or production, we offer a project option that lets you work with an advisor on a long-term project, which you will then defend in a public seminar.

Dream. Career paths for graduate chemistry degree graduates

As you progress in your chemistry master’s degree, you’ll gain hands-on experience applying the lessons you learn in class to real-world experiments and projects covering diverse research areas such as environmental remediation, biopolymers, white-light emitting materials, and biosensors. The skills and knowledge you accrue while earning your graduate chemistry degree will prepare you for careers in many of the fastest-growing industries in the country, including medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology, dentistry, and much more.

While many students in the chemistry master’s degree program choose to continue their education in a Ph.D. program, many others find rewarding professional positions, including:

  • Quality control analyst
  • Food technologist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Product development scientist

If you are interested in further graduate study or advanced careers in health psychology, our program is also excellent preparation for a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in health psychology or clinical psychology.


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“Through the open-door policy of the faculty, I was able to learn many topics that I could add to my scientific toolbox. The additional support of the department and family-style environment is something I cherish most and has stabilized me. The guidance of my research advisor enabled me to interpret classroom knowledge and convert it into practical applications in a laboratory setting.”

Tsdale Mehari ’16, M.S. in chemistry
Post-Doctoral Research at the U.S. FDA, St. Louis, MO

Connect. Chemistry faculty

Earning your M.S. in chemistry at N.C. A&T will introduce you to leading chemistry faculty researchers whose specialties range from the development of vapoluminescent compounds to the use of spectroscopy to study the structure and function of biomolecules.

Thanks to the small student-to-faculty ratio in our graduate chemistry labs and classes, you’ll receive individualized attention and advising from faculty mentors who always put their students’ success first.

Learn more about our chemistry faculty.

Achieve. Chemistry master’s degree courses and curriculum


At N.C. A&T we believe that students learn best by doing. That’s why our graduate chemistry labs and classes provide experiential research opportunities that give you practical training in the laboratory.

Some of the most popular courses in our Master of Science in Chemistry program include:

Qualitative Organic Chemistry. Understand the systematic identification of organic compounds.

Environmental Chemistry. An introduction to environmental science and technology. Study the complex effects that chemicals and pollutants have on water, soil, and air.

Radiochemistry. Study the fundamental concepts, processes, and applications of nuclear chemistry.

View graduate chemistry lab and class descriptions in the course catalog.


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Explore. Scholarships and financial aid for M.S. in chemistry program students


Earning a chemistry master’s degree is a major investment in your future and the future of science. That’s why we invest in you with generous financial aid and scholarship options. We are proud to be ranked by Money Magazine as the #1 most affordable university in North Carolina.

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