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Ph.D. in Applied Science and Technology

Become a leading scientific researcher or educator with a Ph.D. in applied science and technology from a top HBCU

Are you passionate about environmental conservation? Perhaps you dream of a career dedicated to addressing major societal issues through cutting-edge scientific research? There are few career fields as exciting, important, and fast-growing as applied science and technology—and there’s never been a better time to master the skills to excel in a career making positive impacts on your community and the world around you.

Earning a Ph.D. in applied science and technology from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University will give you the expertise and real-world experience to flourish as a researcher, teacher, or engineer in a broad variety of industries—from government and pharmacology to business and forensic sciences. As a student at N.C. A&T, you’ll earn an applied science and technology degree from the #1 public HBCU in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. 

When you join the applied science and technology Ph.D. program, you’ll surround yourself with a caring and committed community of faculty, peers, and alumni who are as dedicated to the applied sciences and making a difference in the world as you are.


Why choose applied science and technology at N.C. A&T?

There are so many reasons why N.C. A&T’s Ph.D. in applied science and technology is respected around the world in nearly every industry. As you earn your technology and applied sciences degree here, you’ll learn what it means to be part of a growing field of professionals whose research and projects can change the world. As an applied science and technology Ph.D. student, you’ll also benefit from:

World-class research faculty. When you study applied sciences at N.C. A&T, you’ll have access to over 300 distinguished graduate faculty members, many of whom have firsthand industry experience in private and government sectors.

Real-world work experience. Earning your applied science and technology degree from N.C. A&T will give you exclusive access to a huge variety of enriching internships and extended campus opportunities, such as graduate teaching and research assistantships. Help pay your tuition while gaining invaluable experience and building a strong resume.

B.S. to Ph.D. program. For undergraduate students wishing to save time and money, we offer a B.S. to Ph.D. option that offers well-prepared students the chance to earn a Ph.D. in applied science and technology in a shorter period of time.

Ph.D. in applied science and technology concentrations


Dive into rich research areas, including cell and molecular biology, immunology, and neuroscience—among many other topics. You’ll also learn how technology and applied sciences can help address societal challenges in other specific areas, such as environmental health, health disparities, and STEM education.

Applied chemistry
Applied science and technology degree students concentrating in applied chemistry learn advanced topics such as computational structural biochemistry, food-borne pathogenesis, and chemoprevention to prepare for careers in education, government, business, and pharmacology.

Applied physics
The applied physics concentration in the applied science and technology degree program encompasses major topics from sub-atomic particles to astrophysical jets to the human brain and behavior. Physics students can perform experimental research at the Jefferson Laboratory, a highly renowned facility under the Department of Energy.

Data science and analytics

If the theoretical side of applied sciences is of more interest to you, the data science and analytics concentration is perfect. Explore areas such as statistics, mathematical modeling, theoretical mathematics, and applied mathematics to prepare for careers as diverse as biostatistics, market research analytics, and mathematics. 

Information technology
Master the advanced skills and knowledge to excel in research areas like cloud computing, network security, wireless networking, and data mining. Learn how applied science and technology can protect individuals, businesses, and entire nations.

Technology management
The technology management concentration in the applied science and technology program prepares exceptional leaders and scholars to understand the dynamic relationship between technological innovation, organizational change, and society as a whole. Applied sciences students will study human behavior, organizations, and social systems to gain a high-level understanding of technology’s role in today’s complex society.

STEM education
Work to influence and improve the field of STEM education by studying how students learn and how to create effective teaching methods to keep students engaged. You’ll then take that information and develop curricula that teachers can use to help more students excel in STEM classes. Address social inequities in education while helping educators create the best classes possible.

Atmospheric, environmental, and energy science
When you concentrate in atmospheric, environmental, and energy science in the applied science and technology program, you’ll perform field and laboratory research to address major societal and environmental issues impacting millions of individuals every day—including storms, climate change, aerosol emission, and wildfires.

Dream. Career paths for applied science and technology degree graduates

  • Earning a technology and applied sciences degree can open pathways to some of the fastest-growing careers in the world. We take immense pride in the many successes of our applied sciences graduates, many of whom work in prestigious organizations such as NOAA, the Department of Agriculture, the Mayo Clinic, NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Intel. Popular positions for graduates of the Ph.D. in applied science and technology program include:
  • Engineering specialist
  • Senior physicist
  • Professor
  • Senior toxicologist
  • High-performance computing engineer
  • Research associate
  • Meteorologist

Connect. Applied science and technology faculty

Thanks to the interdisciplinarity of our technology and applied sciences degree program, you’ll work with faculty from diverse departments who bring their years of experience as professionals and researchers into the classroom to prepare you for the daily challenges and rewards of a career in technology and applied sciences. 

You can also take advantage of small class sizes to work closely alongside faculty members whose research interests span the entirety of applied science and technology. With more than 300 faculty mentors in seven departments, you’ll be supported by
accomplished professionals who put their students first. 

Learn more about applied science and technology faculty.

Achieve. Applied science and technology degree courses and curriculum


The curriculum for our applied science and technology program prepares students for high-level applied science and technology careers in industry, education, and government. As you earn your technology and applied sciences degree, you’ll master advanced research, communication, and collaborative skills to become a creative, well-rounded leader and team member.

Students in the applied science and technology degree program take three core courses to create a solid foundation upon which to build career-specific skill sets. Each student then takes 18 courses in their chosen concentration to tailor their educational experience to their career goals. We offer hundreds of concentration-specific courses across seven departments to enhance your technology and applied sciences degree, including business, economics, engineering, agriculture, and health sciences. 

Some popular courses in the Ph.D. in applied science and technology program include:

  • History and Philosophy of STEM Education
  • Climatology
  • Polar Meteorology
  • Environmental Chemistry
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Explore. Scholarships and financial aid for applied science and technology degree students

We are proud of the exceptional affordability of our Ph.D. in applied science and technology program. In fact, Money Magazine ranks N.C. A&T as one of the most affordable universities in North Carolina, especially for return on investment for graduates. 

In addition to affordable tuition and costs, we also offer financial support for students through faculty grants. Through opportunities like research and teaching assistantships, you can help pay for tuition while earning hands-on experience in your field alongside professionals.

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