Charge to the Fall 2021 Planning Committee

From: Chancellor Harold L. Martin, Sr.

Date: March 17, 2021
Re: Charge to the Fall 2021 Planning Committee (.pdf)

As part of North Carolina A&T’s ongoing efforts to effectively respond to COVID-19, I am pleased to appoint you to serve as members of the Fall 2021 Planning Committee to review the university’s preparedness for managing the pandemic next semester. The committee is charged with evaluating and revising the university’s plans from spring 2021 to ensure the health and safety of the university community in the fall semester. The committee is further charged to monitor issues and communications from state and federal agencies to assist in revising plans to return the university to operations resembling fall 2019 as appropriate. I have asked Provost McEwen to chair this committee.

The Fall 2021 Planning Committee will consist of several working groups focused on a plan to operationalize the opening of the university in various areas:

1. Academic Affairs – this working group will be led by Eric Muth and Tonya Smith-Jackson and will consider how we will accommodate delivery of instruction and research.
2. Budget and Finance – this working group will be led by Robert Pompey and Ken Sigmon and will consider budget, resources, and investments.
3. Student Affairs and Enrollment – this working group will be led by Melody Pierce and Jacque Powers and will consider residential life, new student orientation, student activities, housing and dining accommodations.
4. Athletics – this working group will be led by Earl Hilton and Vincent Childress and will consider student-athlete welfare and the ability to safely return to competition for the fall semester.
5. Communications – this working group will be led by Erin Hart and Todd Simmons and will consider the communication strategy for various constituent groups.
6. Health and Wellness – this working group will be led by Padonda Webb and Lenora Campbell and will focus on testing, screening, monitoring and safety protocols.

Working group leads have identified members of the working groups from faculty and staff and will include representation from Legal Affairs, Risk and Compliance and/or Human Resources to ensure personnel and UNC System guidance is considered. The working groups will meet at least weekly and provide a weekly report to the Provost’s Office with the first report being due on Monday, April 5.
Thank you for your leadership in these discussions to support the safe return of our community.

Cc: N.C. A&T Board of Trustees