Aggies Care: COVID-19

Our Approach

The Fall 2021 blueprint for North Carolina A&T's reopening of campus provides guidance around the many aspects of academic and campus life impacted by the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. Our plan is a work in progress that will continue to develop in coming weeks as new information becomes available. Check back regularly for the latest information.

Our Values

As we plan, we are guided by the following core values:

  • Responsibility. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of performance for the success of the university.
  • Excellence. We demonstrate high quality and attention to detail in all our endeavors.
  • Integrity. We uphold moral character and unwavering ethical behavior.
  • Inclusiveness. We commit to diversity and demonstrate inclusiveness as we work together for the advancement of the university and the world.
  • Learning. We cultivate a culture of intellectual inquiry, personal growth and achievement.


 Campus Communications




State Reopening
Before You Come to Campus

Protocols for students

  • Continuity of Teaching and Learning
  • Training and monitoring expectations
  • Masks and face coverings
  • Living on campus
  • Personal hygiene practices
  • Isolation and quarantine guidelines

Protocols for managers and employees

  • Continuity of Teaching and Learning
  • Returning to normal campus operations
  • Training and monitoring expectations
  • Daily self monitoring requirement
  • Masks and face coverings
  • Isolation and quarantine guidelines
  • Phased return of employees
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Department and employee planning
Medical Services
Minimizing Spread of the Virus
  • Protocol and oversight
  • Sanitization protocols and practices
  • Classroom health and safety
  • Instructional practices and flexibility
  • Modifications to specific course
Residential Hall Health and Safety
  • Occupancy standards and modifications

  • Expectations of students who will live in residence halls

  • Residence hall entrance and exit protocols

  • Compliance and enforcement

Activities and Recreation
  • Masks and face coverings
  • Facilities
  • Spectator seating
  • Staging/access

  • Sanitization and cleaning

  • Considerations: Research operations

  • Types of research

  • Continuity of Research
Building Access and Use