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Ph.D. in Computer Science

Become an educator, researcher, or practicing expert with a doctoral degree in computer science.

From monitoring the weather to accelerating health care progress, computer science influences everything we do involving computers and technology. As a rapidly growing field, computer science needs qualified professionals who are ready to use technology to solve problems and prepare the world for the future.

With a Ph.D. in computer science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, you’ll build on computer science fundamentals by expanding your practical knowledge and technical excellence in the most advanced technologies, such as cloud computing, biometrics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

Our degree in computer science goes beyond programming to also focus on the creative engineering aspects of software design and development so you’ll be prepared to:

  • Work in academia, teaching and advising students at the forefront of computer science.
  • Become a leading computer science researcher and develop cutting-edge programming languages.
  • Create and manage AI systems and help organizations make the most of emerging technologies in the workplace.
  • Develop policies and plans to support technology and cybersecurity initiatives.

Why choose a Ph.D. in computer science at N.C. A&T?

If you want to qualify for critical technical jobs in computer science, help create new technologies to overcome challenges and improve lives, or lead computer science research and academia, consider a computer science degree from N.C. A&T. Our program offers:

Many career options. Pursuing your degree for computer science gives you the skills you need to qualify for several jobs in computer science. Our degree can open doors to opportunities in research and development, academia, government agencies and laboratories, tech departments within startups and major corporations, and consulting.

Hands-on computer science labs and centers. Choosing a degree for computer science at N.C. A&T immerses you in research funded by agencies including NASA, the U.S. Air Force, the National Security Agency, the National Science Foundation, and others. We also offer many lab spaces dedicated to computer science research and experimentation, including our Center for Advanced Studies in Identity Sciences, BEACON@A&T (Bio/computational Evolution in Action CONsortium), Center for Cyber Defense, Cyber Identity and Biometrics Lab, Secure & Usable Social Media & Networks Lab, and Robust Autonomous Variable Environment Network Lab.

Skills to tackle challenging issues. Pursuing your degree for computer science not only gives you technical skills in human-computer interaction, AI, graphics, and data modeling, but also helps strengthen your analytical, problem-solving, critical-thinking, and research skills. This unique combination prepares you to develop, design, assess, and create new solutions that make an impact.

An affordable degree option. N.C. A&T prioritizes affordability for both our in-state and out-of-state students — and we’re a top-ranked school for social mobility, too, according to U.S. News & World Report. You’ll earn a degree in computer science that can help you take advantage of abundant opportunities to advance and grow your career. Reasonable tuition, teaching and research assistantships, and scholarship programs are also available for students pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science.

Dream. Career paths for Master of Science in Civil Engineering graduates

Our curriculum covers a variety of career paths for computer science professionals. From cybersecurity, game design, robotics, and software engineering to AI, machine learning, data science, and more, what you learn here will prepare you for many types of jobs in computer science.

A degree in computer science from N.C. A&T can lead you to opportunities in fields such as:

  • Aerospace and transportation systems
  • Biomedical research
  • Biotechnology and biosciences
  • Computer and computational sciences
  • Defense and national security
  • Energy and the environment
  • Food science
  • Human health, nutrition, and wellness
  • Leadership and community development
  • Nanotechnology
  • Social and behavioral sciences
  • Transportation and logistics

Our graduates are often hired for jobs in computer science by well-known leaders in the field, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and SAS, as well as government agencies such as the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, and NAVSEA.

Others choose to pursue doctoral work at prestigious research universities around the country.


Connect. Ph.D. in computer science faculty

Our faculty are some of the best in computer science, leading research and creating solutions that help solve problems around the world — from advances in transportation and genetics to solutions involving IoT and nanoelectronics.

They’re involved in work that covers many areas of computer science, including cybersecurity, cyber identity, AI and data science, big data, visual analytics and virtual reality, software engineering, trustworthy cloud computing, and high-performance computing.

Working side by side with these experts as you earn a degree for computer science will give you the chance to be part of exciting discoveries and ideas inside and outside the classroom. 

Computer science courses and curriculum

N.C. A&T’s innovative Ph.D. in computer science is designed to help our computer science graduates lead exciting and prosperous careers in whatever industry they choose.

Our doctoral computer science coursework combines computer science fundamentals with practical knowledge and technical excellence in advanced technologies.

You’ll understand how to validate and develop models for interaction between people and computers or software and devices.

Examples of computer science courses include:

  • AI-Assisted Malware Analysis
  • Data Analytics Techniques
  • Information Privacy and Security
  • Secure Software Engineering
To help you make the right course choices, the Office of Career Services at N.C. A&T offers a wide range of programs and services for doctoral students.
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Explore. Scholarships and financial aid for computer science degree students

N.C. A&T is dedicated to making computer science education practical, applicable, and affordable. We keep our tuition and fees as low as possible, which makes us a top college for students who want to step out as computer science leaders.

In addition to providing in-state tuition remittance opportunities and financial aid offerings , our Carolinas Cyber Defender Scholarship program provides grants to students who study computer science.

N.C. A&T Ph.D. students can take advantage of teaching and research assistantships as well, getting hands-on experience while also receiving financial support as they earn a degree in computer science.

Discover.  Programs related to the Ph.D. in computer science

N.C. A&T offers many opportunities for students who want to pursue careers in engineering or technology. In addition to a degree in computer science, you may want to consider these similar programs:

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